You may think that chickens are just ordinary birds. It’s true that chickens are one of the most common animals in the world, but they’re more interesting than you might think. There’s more to the chicken than meets the eye, and you’ll learn a lot if you get to know more about them.

1. There are more chickens than humans

According to a 2010 census, there are about 6.9 humans on the planet Earth. However, there are more than 25 billion chickens. That’s more than three times as much! Humans would really be in trouble if chickens decided they wanted to take over the earth.

2. Chickens are used for airplane safety

In the 1960s, scientists invented a “chicken gun,” a cannon that could launch a chicken carcass at incredible high speeds. This cannon was created to ensure that jet engines would be able to stand strong in the case of collisions.

Before a new jet engine can be certified as safe, it has to have numerous chickens shot at it. All kinds of jet parts are tested in this way, from a plane’s wings to its tail. It’s even used to test a plane’s black box. The next time you see a jet soaring through the sky, you’ll know that chickens are helping to keep it safe.

3. Chickens are used by the US Military

When you think about what soldiers take with them on missions, you probably don’t think about chickens. However, chickens have played a vital role in numerous military operations.

Chickens have unusually weak respiratory systems, which means that they’ll react quickly if something is wrong with the air. If soldiers are worried about chemical warfare or residual chemical warfare, they bring chickens with them in cages. If the chicken reacts to the air, the soldiers know that they need to put on their protective gear.

4. Chickens can be hypnotized

Chickens can be put into a hypnotic trance very easily. In fact, this is something that’s often done in order to keep a chicken safe.

If a chicken is afraid, it will fall into a catatonic state. During this state, the chicken will be completely still. This is a natural defense mechanism the chicken has.

However, you don’t need to scare a chicken in order to get them to enter the state. Instead, you can hypnotize them by drawing a straight line in front of their beak. The chicken will enter that same, immobile fear state, and you’ll be able to move it out of an unsafe area.

5. Chickens were bred to be fighting animals

Since chicken is a dietary staple, most people assume that chickens were originally bred to be a food animal. However, research suggests that this isn’t the case. It appears that chickens were actually bred for cockfighting.

Cockfighting is rarely practiced today, but a lot of the chickens you’ll see on farms still have that fighting instinct.

6. Chickens can fly

A lot of people think that the chicken is a flightless bird. It’s true that you won’t see a chicken soaring through the skies anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that chickens are completely incapable of flight.

Chickens are able to become airborne, and they can actually get pretty high. Chickens have been known to fly over fences, and have even flown into trees. You may not see chickens flying around very often, but flying is definitely something that they’re able to do.

7. The chicken was the first bird to have its genome sequenced

Chickens have been incredibly useful to scientists in a number of ways. These birds have frequently been used for research, and have led to a number of advances in the scientific world. The amazing facts below about the genome sequencing.

However, one of the most notable advances that the chicken was a part of was in the field of genome sequencing. The chicken was the first ever bird to successfully have its genome sequenced. The draft chicken genome sequence was completed in 2004, and it allowed scientists to compare birds to numerous mammals in valuable ways.

8. Chickens like to dance

It’s common to see male roosters dance when they go to pick up their up their food. This type of dancing is known as “tidbitting,” and it’s believed that roosters do it in order to make themselves more attractive to hens.

The dance typically involves the chicken making a few calls to get attention, and then bopping their head up and down as they pick up and drop a piece of food. If you spend some time watching chickens, you’re sure to see this dance in action.

9. Chickens are extremely intelligent

Chickens may not seem that smart on the surface, but research shows that they’re very intelligent creatures. They have one of the best memories in the animal kingdom, and are able to distinguish between more than 100 chicken faces.

Chickens also have complex social structures. The term “pecking order” was derived from this. The social behaviors that a chicken follows are very similar to behaviors you’ll see in the human world.

In addition, chickens have a strong understanding of object permanence. In fact, one study showed that chickens have a better understanding of object permanence than a human toddler. Clearly, chickens aren’t a creature that should be underestimated.

10. Chickens are descended from dinosaurs

Scientists believe that many of the birds we see flying through the sky today are descended from dinosaurs, and that includes the chicken. In fact, it’s believed that one of the closest dinosaur relatives that the chicken has is the T-rex.

Chickens may be small, and they may not look intimidating, but they have some powerful ancestry behind them. When you look at a chicken, you’re looking at a creature with a dinosaur lineage.

As you can see, chickens really are amazing creatures! There are more to these birds than feathers and eggs. Take the time to learn more about chickens and other creatures in the animal world. You may be surprised by what you find.

It’s been said that humor is a cure for what ails you. One thing that ails many people is depression.

There are various ways to deal with depression. You can see a therapist. You can take antidepressants. Or, you can just wait for the sad or negative feelings to pass.

However, humor, or making yourself laugh, can ease depression and make you feel better about whatever situation you find yourself in. Humor is expressed in various ways. For example, pictures are often devoted to humor. There are traditional ways to find hilarious pictures:

1. Sunday Comics

Even though print and physical newspapers are slowly dying, some say, the Sunday comics are still enjoyed by millions of people. Comics are meant to be many things, but one of them is funny. It’s easy to find a funny comic strip in the Sunday paper.

2. Books

In the 21st century, print books are not as popular as eBooks. However, they are still the preferred way to read by many people. If you are interested in a physical book filled with funny images, they can be found in bookstores or at the library.

3. TV Shows and Movies

TV shows and movies provide moving pictures, many of which are funny. Comedy TV shows are an excellent way to gain a hardy laugh. A funny movie, such as “Animal House,” can become so popular that people watch it years and years down the road.

The traditional ways to find hilarious pictures are there and will remain, but there is one way that has become very popular in the 21st century, and that’s locating such images on the Internet. Billions of people every day access the Internet, making it the most popular way for people to get the information they need.

There are a variety of ways to find funny pictures on the Net. Here are some of the most common examples:

1. Meme Sites

One way to find funny photos is to look at meme sites. What is an Internet meme? It is a photo or video that expresses a phrase, an activity or a concept.

Not all memes are funny, but the funny varieties are catching on in the 21st century. Funny memes typically present a funny photo accompanied by a phrase that is even funnier than the photo.

These memes are gathered at designated sites, but they can easily be found on other areas of the Internet, such as social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

In fact, if you are a member of any of the social media sites, you may want to share memes you find with your friends or followers. Most memes are created with the intent that they be shared with others.

2. YouTube And Similar Sites

Hilarious pictures are not all stationary. Some are often moving pictures. That’s where YouTube comes in. If you’re interested in funny videos, YouTube, or a site that is similar, will present plenty of funny videos for you to watch and to feel good watching.

Often a person who presents hilarious videos on YouTube has made the activity part of his or her brand. Therefore, you can expect hundreds if not thousands more videos of the same type. If you find a person on YouTube who’s work you like, be sure to subscribe to their channel.

3. Blogs

Blogging is just as popular now as it was when the activity was first introduced to the Net. Find a blogger who is devoted to comedy and to presenting funny pictures and videos. Subscribed to that blogger’s blog, and then you can get the postings delivered to your inbox without your having to visit the blog every time.

4. Facebook Pages

Facebook is still the most popular social media site on the Internet. There are two components to the site. A person can have a personal page, and they can have a Facebook page. Facebook pages are typically devoted to businesses, or authors, or people who are promoting a brand.

Find a Facebook page devoted to funny photos. Then be sure to like that page so that the postings from that page appear in your timeline. Leave comments on the page to let the page owner know how much you appreciate the funny photos that are presented.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest was launched in 2010. Therefore, it’s a relatively new site. Nevertheless, it has grown in popularity to make it one of the most popular social media sites on the Net.

Pinterest is devoted to photos, whether they be stationary or moving. Once on the site, look for what are called “boards.” After you find boards devoted to funny images, simply follow the boards.

You can also pin images from the boards to your boards to share with your followers. However, images on Pinterest should not be shared outside of Pinterest unless you have permission from the owner.

6. Instagram

Instagram, launched in 2010, is a video-sharing and photo-sharing social network. Some say that Instagram is so popular that it is set to take over the top two social networks – Facebook and Twitter.

Finding funny photos and videos on Instagram is a fun activity, particularly because the images are often self-made by the people who are sharing them.

So much fun is Instagram that you may also wish to create self-made funny images and videos to share with your friends and followers. Instagram photos can be shared on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flicker.

Hilarious pictures as therapy is one of the natural way to deal with depression, a problem that affects millions of people. Laughter allows a person to focus on happy thoughts and the source of the laughter.

One way to introduce funny images into your life is to access them every morning when you get up or during breakfast. It allows you to start your day out positive and hopefully the good feelings that you experienced will carry on throughout the rest of your day.